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Welcome to Angkor Adventure Taxi

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Angkor Adventure Taxi!I

My name is Khen or everyone calls me "Can". I am a Taxi Driver around Cambodia and Angkor Wat Archeological park. I have been many years as driver, so through my long time "2003 till present" experience I am able to organise all type of tour activities for your needs.

I speak very good English with friendly, honest, helpful, reliable service and have knowledge about my local culture, too.

My Website "Angkor Adventure Taxi" is really the private transport service (Taxi SUV Lexus, Tuk Tuk & Mini Van) - has never taken tourists to join together and also never organise the join in tour. We are a team of specialized, highly trained and long time experienced tourist Taxi Drivers with full driving licence.

This small driver team is operated by Khen "the founder" with another 3 members. We welcome independent tourists and tourist groups who request us to organise the private tour & transports - but we'd like to say apology in advance that we are not able to organise any tour or transport services for tourists who request to join the combining tour - and we do not rely on overseas travel agencies to make a living. We prefer to keep our business local and of the people. 

We are looking forward to serving you best.