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Welcome to Mondulkiri Province

A world apart from lowland Cambodia, Mondulkiri Province is the original Wild East of the country. Climatically and culturally, it is also another world, which comes as a relief after the heat of the plains. This region is home to the hardy Bunong people and their noble elephants, and it's possible here to visit traditional villages and learn about elephants in their element at the Elephant Valley Project.

The landscape is a seductive mix of pine clumps, grassy hills and windswept valleys that fade beguilingly into forests of jade green and hidden waterfalls. Wild animals, such as bears, leopards and especially elephants, are more numerous here than elsewhere, although sightings are usually limited to birds, monkeys and the occasional wild pig.

Mondulkiri means 'Meeting of the Hills', an apt sobriquet for a land of rolling hills. In the dry season it is a little like Wales with sunshine, in the wet season, like Tasmania with more rain. At an average elevation of 800m, it can get quite chilly at night, so bring something warm.

Mondulkiri is the most sparsely populated province in the country, with just four people per square kilometre. Almost half the inhabitants come from the Bunong minority group, with other minorities making up much of the rest of the population. Hunting remains the profession of choice for many minorities.


Conservationists have grand plans for the province, creating wildlife sanctuaries and initiating sustainable tourism activities, but are facing off against speculators and industrialists queuing up for natural resources.

It takes about 6 hours by from Phnom Penh and around 8h 30mn from Siem Reap - by private taxi service.

What to see in Mondulkiri

-Bou Sra Waterfall: Bou Sra is the most beautiful and well-known waterfall in Mondulkiri Province. It is divided into 3 stages. 1st)- the waterfall has a diameter of 15m and a height of 15-20m during the dry season, and a 20m diameter and 18-25m height in the rainy season. 2nd)-it lies 150m from the first stage. During the dry season it has a 23m diameter and a 15-20m height, and during the rainy season has a 20m diameter and 18-25m height. 3rd)-the waterfall is more powerful than at the second stage, but it can not be reached by man due to geographical obstructions.

-Southwest Waterfall: Located about 6 km southwest of town. There is a fair-sized pool below the 7, 5 meter waterfall that makes a good spot for a swim or picnic. 

-Elephant Tour:  One and two day Elephant Adventure and Jungle Trekking within the Mondulkiri Project give you the opportunity to experience a beautiful jungle, a short drive away from Sen Monorom Town. Wild rivers, waterfalls, swimming holes, elephants, wild animals and birds are all waiting for you.

-Adventure Rider: It is the experienced motorcycle tour in Cambodia and this tour leads you through the scenic highlands of Mondulkiri. Riding over rolling grass hills on easy gravel roads and some dirt trails. Riding to Dak Dam Waterfall, Romenea Waterfall, Sen Monorom Waterfall, Pine tree plantations, Coffee plantations, Strawberry plantations and Phnom Doh Kromom....