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Sihanouk Ville

 Sihanouk Ville is Cambodia's premier beach town - a sandy peninsula jutting into the warm Gulf of Thailand, the beaches offering umbrellas and thatched roofed eateries, 24h bars and everything from a laid back beach chair to an endless party vibe.

The City, which was named in honor of former king Norodom Sihanouk, had a population of around 89.800 people and approximately 66.700 in its urban centre in 2008. Sihanoukville's many beaches and nearby islands make it Cambodia's premier seaside resort with steadily rising numbers of national visitors and international tourists since the late 20th century.


Sihanoukville town sits in the center of a small peninsula that just into the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Several beaches of fine pearl-white sand line the shore around the peninsula, most easily accessible from town, each separated as much by character as the rocky headlands between. 

Ochheuteal Beach: it's the major beach and pretty well - known by locals. 

Otres Beach: is around 4.6km long and beyond the small "Queen hill" headland of the southern end of Ochheuteal Beach. Its long white sand strip, also completely lined with Cauarina and Tamarisk trees, is far less develop and commercialized than Ochheuteal Beach and has developed into a preferred lodging place for western visitors.

Independence Beach draws its name from the historic Independence Hotel that's sits atop the headland at the north end, often called 'Otel Pram Pil Chon' (Hotel 7 Floor) by the locals. 

Sokha Beach: Occupying all of Sokha Beach, the Sokha Beach Resort offers luxury accommodation. Sokha is a beautiful beach, a crescent of sand about one kilometer long and comparatively wide. The fine pearl white sand is perfectly groomed but the beach is fairly quiet, frequented primarily by resort guests.

Ream Beach: A distant beach, 27 km north of town, Ream Beach is long and narrow, sitting at the edge of Ream National Park. The beach is largely untouristed and of very average quality. The road toward Naval Base offers a nice oceanside drive and parts are lined with ocean's edge seafood shacks and a thin beach. 

Victory/Hawaii Beach: Two long beaches divided by a rocky point, so named for the nearby 'Victory Monument'. The southern section is Hawaii Beach and the northern near the Monument is Victory Beach, now partially closed and fairly quiet. 

Prek Treng Beach: Another distant beach,  Prek Treng is a long, wide crescent of brilliant white sand a few kilometres north of town, offering comparatively warm shallow waters. The beach is in good shape, groomed and landscaped, but is usually all but deserted. Sometimes a couple of food shacks stand open at the near end.