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Adventure to the Lost City

It's true, Angkor Thom is one of the largest capital cities of Cambodia - but Koh Koh is also one of them.

Let's explore with me!!!


Koh Koh: One of Cambodia's most remote Angkorian Sites, 125 km northeast of Siem Reap, Koh Ker was briefly of the khmer Empire in the 10th century, when Jayavarman IV - who was already ruler of his own state here when he descended the imperial throne - decided not to Angkor, but decreed instead that the court should come to him, ordering the construction of a road linking Koh Ker and Angkor, on which the temples of Beng Mealea and Banteay Samre were later built. 

Koh Ker is famous for its distinctive style of monumental sculpture, although most pieces have either been looted or removed for safekeeping to the country's various museums. 

Temples in Koh Ker 

1-Prasat Pram 

2-Prasat Neang Khmau 

3-Prasat Chin 

4-Prasat Thom (Koh Ker temple)

5-Prasat Balang  (linga temple)

6-Linga Shrine 

7-Prasat Krachap 

8-Prasat Banteay Pichean 

9-Prasat Chrap 

10-Rohal Baray (place where they made sculpture or statue)

11-Prasat Damrei. ...

Afternoon: short break for lunch then visiting to BengMealea 

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